Good question, you can read more about our process here.

It all depends on the features you need but our prices start at £2,500 and rise from there.

Yes. 50% is paid upfront as a deposit. A further 25% is invoiced when the design is signed off and the final 25% when the project is complete but before handover.

Start to finish usually takes four weeks, depending on the scope of the project. Large projects can take up to 12 weeks.

A domain name is simply your website address, for example something like yourwebsite.com.

Hosting is a term used for server space. All websites need to sit somewhere and you will need your own hosting for the site to be live. We recommend Siteground. Their packages start at £3 per month.

No, sorry; hosting is very specialised and we’d rather concentrate on web design.

Yes of course, that’s all part of the service.

Yes, all our sites are responsive and adapt to the screen size they are displayed on.

No. Due to the fluid nature of responsive websites we won’t commit to pixel-perfect sites based on graphic designs.

It’s an admin area that allows you to update the content once the site has been built. You can add blog posts, products and edit text and images.

Yes, we provide training videos that you can refer to time and time again.

Yes, you can go onto one of our Care Plans after the site is finished and we’ll manage it for you.

We don’t have any content writers in-house, but we can direct you to freelancers we use. Many clients provide the content themselves.

Yes, we can give you a quote for that, just let us know your brief!

Yes, we have an account with Adobe Images and can source images from there for you.

Yes, once the project has been paid for in full you own all assets related to the site. We’ll not only transfer to your host free of charge, we’ll also send all source files and databases for you to store offline.

No, sorry. We only work on our own sites.

No, sorry; no-one likes someone standing over their shoulder while they work but we do keep you updated regularly and there’ll be a link during those conversations for you to see what’s been done so far.

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