The Brief

We discuss the project in full, why you need a new website and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. The goal is to drill down to the core of what you want the site to represent and achieve for your business.

The Sitemap

Once we understand the scope of the project and have all the information necessary, we build a visual sitemap so we can all be on the same page about what it is we’re trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information. Here’s one I made earlier.

The Prototype

Next we build a homepage and one inner page to show you our vision for the site. At this point we can refine the design based on your feedback until it’s signed off.

The Design

Now we can really get our teeth into the project and make it come alive! We roll out the design perfected in the prototype stage to build the full site.

The Delivery

Last but not least, we take a week to make sure everything is plugged in and tested before deploying your shiny new website to your server so you can show it off to the whole world.

Free Website Audit

Fill in your details and we’ll start compiling your 30+ Page report immediately!

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